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What will the Bengals do in the First Round?

What will the Bengals do in the First Round??  

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  1. 1. What will the Bengals do in the First Round??

    • Trade up into top 10
    • Trade down for more picks
    • Stay at 24 and draft a CB
    • Stay at 24 and draft a DT
    • Stay at 24 and draft a different position

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What does everyone think the Bengals will do with their First Pick at No. 24 tomorrow during the draft?

My personal opinion is that they will go with the sure bet and take Jake Grove at 24. They will solidify their line for the future and Grove is the type of player that Lewis likes.

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Guys, Gamble will be gone by #24--he is being looked at seriously by THE SAINTS with their pick at #18 (I do believe).

Bungles--do yourselves a favor and draft a DT with the first pick. With as many stud DT's in this draft, how can you go wrong???

Actually, I don't put much faith into drafts--DRAFTS ARE LIKE THROWING DARTS AT A DARTBOARD. Or like Forrest Gump said:

Drafts "are like a box of chocolates--you never know what you're going to get."


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I think, Marvin is gonna' play the Patience game this year, like he did last year.

* Last year, Marvin was quoted as saying that they had trade talks before each selection because they were selecting at the top of each round.

* He said "We felt better staying put, than trading out of those spots and hoping that "our" player fell to us.

-- I think " Marv-istory " ( my new word :D ) repeats itself.

* Marv-istory : definition = any event,occasion, or result, coming after the hiring of Marvin Lewis Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. ^_^

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