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Drafting a Linebacker ??

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Isaac Brown - OLB/DE - Washington State

One of the more unknown, but rapidly rising linebackers in this draft, Isaac Brown's big play ability - like this returned fumble for a touchdown against Notre Dame - has NFL teams interested, even if most fans don't yet know his name...

Rob: Let's start with an easy one... What would you say is your favorite football memory?

Isaac: My favorite football memory would have to be going to that first bowl game. We had suffered through a 4-7 season the year before and it was just a great feeling to win ten games and go to the Sun Bowl (2001-02).

Rob: Talk about some of the changes you have had to undergo in changing from a defensive end for WSU to an outside linebacker for the NFL.

Isaac: I came to WSU as a high school linebacker so it actually was more of a transition turning into a defensive end for college than it was turning back into an outside linebacker for the NFL. Basically you just have to get used to playing back in space again and playing back into coverage.

Rob: Ok, for those who have never seen you play - can you list a few of your playing strengths for me?

Isaac: First of all is my athleticism. Like I also mentioned, I have experience at linebacker before so it isn't like I am really playing a different position too. Because I played defensive end here I also use my hands well to break through blocks, can see what the offense is trying to do by reading the offensive linemen, and obviously rush the passer. Also I feel that my coverage skills are as good as any linebacker in this draft. I know that there are a lot of good tight ends and running backs in this draft, but I don't think there is any one of them that I couldn't cover...

Rob: Can you list a few areas you'd like to improve upon, as well.

Isaac: Well, obviously I have to get back into playing outside linebacker and not defensive end. I have to work on reading my keys and playing the run a little stronger too, but I think I could really improve on these areas quickly.

Rob: There are dozens of guys each year who try to make the NFL by changing positions, what makes you different from the rest?

Isaac: Well, like I said, this isn't my first time playing the position so I feel that I am a little more prepared for the change than most other players. Also, I just feel that I am a good enough athlete to handle the switch.

Rob: Many have said that you really helped yourself by playing linebacker at the Hula Bowl. Did you get a sense from NFL teams that you were showing something to them they did not expect?

Isaac: I really did get that impression. I don't think people expected to look as quick in transition or run as fast as I did.

Rob: Since you were not invited to the Combine, you only had really one chance to show yourself in drills and workouts - at the WSU Pro Day. What are your official measurements and how did you do in the forty, vertical jump, and bench press?

Isaac: I measured in at 6'2.5, 233 pounds and ran a 4.58. I also did 21 reps and had a 37.5" vertical jump.

Rob: Which teams were there that seemed genuinely interested in you, specifically?

Isaac: There were a lot of teams at the workout, some not necessarily there just to look at me, of course. I think I caught a lot of teams by surprise though as I had a lot of teams wanting to talk to me at the end of the workout. I've talked to just about every team in the league now, but some of the teams that have been the most interested were Oakland, San Diego, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and Seattle.

Rob: Have you traveled to any of these teams since, or received feedback as to where you might get drafted?

Isaac: I was invited to a private workout in Cincinnati and left feeling very good about their team and where they are going, as well as their feelings on me and how I might fit into their future. I've heard all kinds of comments about where I might get drafted or might wind up if I am not drafted and have to look around as a free agent, so I try to stay away from those things. I obviously hope I get drafted, but realize that there are only so many players that will get drafted and that there are always players who are not and still make the team as a rookie.

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He's not actually under the radar ... If you check most of the mock drafts done on nfldraftblitz.com or aboutsports.com , the huddle report ,etc.. He's seen as a legitimate 6th or 7th rounder.

His athleticism is above his college production at this point, but will probably excel at special teams right off like Khalid Abdullah.

Another Washington State player (linebacker) D.D. Acholonu - 6'2 232lbs. 4.7' 40 looked good in his workouts as well, and carries that same late day 2 grade.

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Are you referring to McClover..?? He's probably a late round prospect. - He has great athleticism, but he wasn't a regular starter, so his instincts will have to play catch up. Probably a good spot to grab him in the 5th - undrafted free agent.

Another Canes linebacker raised some eyebrows when Jarrell Weaver ran a 4.37 average. ... LB Darrell McClover (6-0 3/8, 226) ran for an average of 4.46 seconds. ... from NFL.com

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