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New York Giants Picking...

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From the New York Post..

A well-informed source with knowledge of the Giants' thinking yesterday said if the team stays at #4 and Iowa tackle Robert Gallery isn't there, they definitely will take Roethlisberger. If Gallery is there, he's the newest Giants lineman. It's impossible not to be intrigued by Roethlisberger (6-5, 241 pounds), who has a better arm than Manning but not the pedigree. One caveat is the level of competition in the MAC. The Giants would want to groom Roethlisberger for a year or two, meaning he'd watch and learn behind Collins or another veteran, in the unlikely event Collins is released.

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Ok this is what I see most likely to happen.

some basic facts first...

1. It was A.J.Smith (General Manager- S.D. Chargers) who leaked story about Manning not wanting to be a charger !

2. Don't expect him to be a GM for too much longer.. :lol:

Okay back to the post.. My trade scenarios...

1. Cleveland to # 1 sending Tim Couch ( unable to work Packers trade ) to San Diego . Cleveland adds a 2nd this year, and a pick in '05. They draft Robert Gallery.

2. San Diego ( because of lack of team direction ) crumbles under Mannings' pressure and works trade out with Giants. Giants have all the leverage and only give up a 2nd and a late round pick in '04. - Giants draft Manning - and release Collins in '05.

3. Redskins ship Patrick Ramsey to S.D. with Chris Samuels and their 3rd rounder for # 1. and draft Manning for themselves.

4. Same trade as # 3 but take Robert Gallery instead.

5. ( part of # 1 ) - Raiders take Eli Manning for themselves at # two.

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