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Astros @ Reds Series Discussion

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Junior is the man..I don't see why everybody hates him..He has been lights out these past few games.

Nobody hates Griffey when he is on the field and producing like this.

Dunn is the one I want to get rid of. He is death with runners on. I hate called 3rd strikes. Like Nuxhall said if you swing the bat you are dangerous. I am tired of 40 homers and 45 RBIs. Think about it. He hits 40 HRs 3 years in a row. He has averaged 95 RBIs in those years. That means he has only driven in 55 runners other than himself. That is less than 10 per month. That don't get it done. He is too slow to play defense.

None of the Reds are big RBI men. That is my pet peeve with the whole team.

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