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ChrisHCovGA - Draft day Madness Extravaganza

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Since I no longer do mock drafts for this site, or any other site, I stay loyal to my favorite Bengals fan web site. This has always been a great place, to hang with other Die-Hard fanatical Bengal fans, and I wouldn't have it any other way :cheers:

Like everyone on this site, We have a wishlist of who we would love our Bengals to grab that makes us the elite team to beat, but the reality is , you have to have the " in case " plan to work off of.

1. I would love Cincinnati to trade down, ( as I always do ) but like most years in the draft the real value of players is going to happen in the middle rounds 2 - 5. The first round is a hit or miss plain and simple. I believe that you draft the best available player at a position of need. Drafting for need is what every team does. Don't think the '98 Minnesota Vikings chose Randy Moss because they didn't need him. They had Cris Carter in his 30's, Jake Reed in his 30's and while both were pro-bowlers, they needed a 3rd threat.

So.... here goes.

1st round. - Unless Okoye, Branch, ( Because I feel the defensive line is our worst postion on our team) is there at 18 we trade down. Willis, is the only linebacker I like. Beason, Pos, Timmons are all 2nd rounders/late first rounders if you ask me.

- Likewise unless Hall, and I'll settle for Revis ( he's not a favorite of mine ) are there at 18 - we trade down.

- I easily see us getting as quality a cornerback in a guy like Aaron Ross, or Chris Houston, Marcus McCauley in the 20's. Justin Harrell fully healed would be quite a steal if landed late 1st and he's already better a player now that John Thornton.

- Secondly - This is a very good year to get a quality safety. We blue it big time in 2002, and I'm convinced we can correct that mistake this year. I would be happy with either of the top 4, because we have absolutely no chance at getting Laron Landry. Nelson and Merriweather are ball hawks, and Griffin can hit, play the ball, and play special teams.

2nd round. - Justin Blaylock, - only offensive lineman I would consider here for us in round 2. Gotta like the measurables and nasty streak he plays with.

- Marcus McCauley, Zach Miller,Johnathan Wade - gotta like his upside and speed. Hips and turns like Joseph. If we go Defensive tackle then I want Marcus Thomas from Florida. He's worth the risk. If we go linebacker Beason, Harris, Tim Shaw is a do everything linebacker but we should be drafting a starter here in the 2nd rounder and not a backup.

3rd round. - If at all possible a pick here allows Cincinnati to grab a guy that probably won't make it to them at the 114th pick. Rufus Alexander - off the field trouble, but a very solid football player to build on here. Fred Bennett, a little bigger version of Johnathan Joseph. Chris Henry Rb, Arizona, I'm diggin the hype on him, and he's a stronger, more elusive version of Rudi. - I have washed my hands of Chris Perry. He's a bust. Stewart Bradley, I like Bigger Linebackers and he would instantly improve our depth, and special teams. We can get out of him what we lost in David Pollack. Quentin Moses, DE/OLB - if he can be coached back to his Junior year production, we have a star.

4th Round. - Clark Harris, - Day 2 would give us almost the equivalent of Tight End talent as there is on day one. Harris would instantly give us a legitimate receiving threat at the position.Josh Gattis - good hitter, a little stiff in coverage, but does a good job of keeping plays in front of him, except Calvin Johnson of course.G/T Marshall Yanda - at some point in this draft we will have to get an offensive lineman that will fill in for our new starting left Guard, Whitworth or Andrews. Tony Taylor LB, Georgia, - very good football player. Can play the weakside and is very adept in pass coverage having played safety at Georgia too.

5th round. - Dallas Sartz, another Linebacker that can blitz or excel on special teams./ Usama Young CB, his measurables will have him considered higher, but his level of competition makes him a possiblity here. Daniel Sepulveda P, yeah I said it. Larson is solid, but this guy has a howitzer for a leg. Steve Breaston, great returner, has decent wr skills to make a roster and be a 4th guy.Joe Porter, CB, speed , speed , speed.

6th round. - KaMichael Hall, LB, Georgia Tech. - Playmaker, just small. Jared Zebransky, not sure if he falls this far, but he's worth drafting and developing in our system. Has a good deep ball.Tim Duckworth G, Auburn, not as heralded as Grubbs, but he's a mauler. Kareem Brown, DT/DE, has potential.

7th round.- We have two picks here, while I doubt we get much value out of anyone in this round, it's worth taking a shot at a guy like Melvin Bullitt, Great name for a safety, and a guy like Jorden Kent Wr, former track star, great size and speed, Will need lots of coaching to turn him into an nfl ready receiver.

Well that's my sort of wish list. Good Luck Bengals. :sure::bengal::cheers:

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I'd like to see the Bengals get a 3rd rounder and an extra 4th because there is some serious strength in the middle rounds of players who are ready to go, I'd say more to choose from than when the Bengals did their Chris Perry twist. I'd like to see them pick up another pair of LBs in that range like they did Miller and Landon Johnson in Quincy Black and Zak DeOssie. This time going bigger rather than undersized.

I hear you on Marcus Thomas. The dude is outright all out every snap and blows up everything in his way. It'll be interesting to see if the new commish's agenda actually does translate more into how teams pick and Thomas, Eric Wright and Tarrell Brown will be the poster players. Thomas did all he could do from the standpoint of passing all his piss tests adminstered by the Mayo clinic over a few months time and has stayed out of jail...always a plus. And if you look at where he's at and where Ahmad Brooks was at last year, it's pretty much along the same lines -- 1st round talent kicked off the team for the same weed reason.

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I'd like to see the Bengals draft Dallas Sartz in the late rounds.

But in Round 2 -- I'd go DT (Tank Tyler, or Quinn Pitcock) or safety (Eric Weddle) or LB (Durrrant or even Black) ---

In other word -- I want DEFENSE ALL DAY!!!!!! :cheers::lol::sure:

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