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The Bengal King is back for draft


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1st round possibilities


Ted Ginn: I don't agree with those "ratings" With Ginn's 10, I am guessing that is a 10 in blackjack. The only real problem with our offense last year was 3rd downs, and Ginn isn't strong enough and doesn't have the hands to be any help there.. I say wait on Henry and work on the defense, particularly corner and olb. If Chad or Housh goes down, we would be screwed with or without Ginn.


Leon Hall , I like him, I think he is truly first round material too. He likes to get physical and I can see him being a big asset to stopping the run. He will get burned on occasion when he's alone and we don't get a pass rush, but you can say that about 90% of the corners in the league.

Revis is a similar style, very physical, but but he would take longer to achieve his potential IMO and I don't think he's worth taking in the first round.

Most disagree with me, but Ross and Houston are NOT first round material IMO and it'll probably be too early to take any other CB's.


Posluszny isn't being considered because he isn't a quick little guy who grabs at people to tackle. JK, but yeah it doesn't look like he is a possibility.

Timmons and Beason would both fit well though, I prefer Beason.


I am absolutely in love with both safeties Reggie Nelson and Brandon Meriweather, in a non gay way. Nelson I like a littlle more for us. I would love to see one of them back there with Madieu.

In the 2nd round, if we miss Hall and McCauley falls to us, we should definitely pull the trigger. Other possibilities would be Wright, Hughes, Wilson..of those I like Wilson the best but I wouldn't be ecstatic about taking any of them. I am not a big fan of most of the 2nd round safeties..I do think Kevin Payne could be great but it would be a reach here. It doesn't look like there are going to be any OLB's to consider in R2

I ignored DT, because I do not think the first round class is as strong as perceived, and I think the Bengals acknowledge that by adding Myers to the DT depth..I expect a Day 2 pick at DT though.

I really like McCauley more than the other 2nd round options, so that means my ideal scenarios are going to involve him. I would be most pleased with:




PS I am not the best draft analyst in the world, and I have been dead wrong sometimes (I thought Tim Couch was going to be a fine starter, and I thought the strategy of sacrificing character red-flags for talent was brilliant), but those are my 2 cents.

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