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Draft Day Moves???

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Here's some draft day scenarios to watch.

pick 24 = 800

pick 49 = 420

pick 80 = 195 that's a value of 1415 pick 9 = 1400

pick 24 - 800

pick 56 - 350 that's a value of 1150 pick 13 = 1150

pick 24 = 800

pick 80 = 195 that's a value of 995 pick 16 = 1000

Personally I hope we keep all of our picks. The talent between 24 and 96 is very good. Any of those picks could develop into pro bowl caliber players.

Draft Value Chart


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Well, the only one of those that really interests me would be our first and 3rd to move up depending on who's there....But, I must say I agree that this draft is deep enough that they don't need to move up to get impact players....

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