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CB Fred Bennett

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I actually like Fred Bennett. He doesn't have the blazing speed that Joseph has, 4.46 in the 40 yard dash. But he does turn his hips well, plays the run, has better hands than Joseph does, and is very good in man to man and off coverage.

The only reason why he's not a first rounder is because he doesn't have elite speed. His senior year wasn't as great as his Junior year, He and Joseph could have come out last year and both drafted in the first round. He should fall to the 3rd, but you never know.

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I'd rather see the Bengals target Bennett than Tanard Jackson in the 2nd if they don't opt for corner in the 1st. But based on visits with 2nd day CBs like Geoff Pope and Usama Young, there's good indication that the Bengals might not go CB until the 4th or 5th when it looks like there could be a run of about a dozen CBs off the board. Plus, the Bengals should be able to get a better player at another position of need in the 2nd than Bennett.

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