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Title changed due to misunderstanding


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According to the bengals newly unveiled Draft Central 2007

our selection order is

1 18

2 49

3 -

4 110

5 141

6 172

7a 211

7b 253

of course Hobson still is refuting any rumours of the trade.


I hope Marvin knows the right order. LOL

what did they get for trading? where did you hear this information, got a link?

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Those picks do not take into account the compensatory picks awarded last week. There are an additional

4 picks in round 3

6 picks in round 4

5 picks in round 5

7 picks in round 6

so we back up 4 in round 4, 10 in round 5, 15 in the 6th, and 22 in the 7th.

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Am I the only one who doesn't know what in the hell this thread is about ??


The guy just didn't have his facts straight. He assumed that because the Bengals picks had come later than first posted, they must have traded down. But the picks were simply delayed because of compensatory picks. There has been no trade.

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