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Bengals busy in Supplemental Draft

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I have to think that come July when the Supplemental Draft comes, Maurice Clarett, and Mike Williams will be 2 of the players most sought after.


But I think we should take all the additional help that we can in this years draft, with our 10 picks, and then at least throw our bid in for one or both of those players.

1. If we think that we'll be a better team this year by adding a Mike Williams or Clarett, then giving up a 2nd in '05 for Clarett or a 1st in '05 would be great value !

Basically it's NFL DRAFT CREDIT - We'll give up those picks in the '05 draft, to add those players to our '04 team now. If we truly think that we'll be drafting towards the latter part of round 1 next year, then why not do it..??

What do you guys think..

Come Julys' Supplemental draft, should we give up our '2005 1st and 2nd round picks to add Clarett and Williams to our '04 roster ?

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I dont think we will have that option. There are too many other teams ahead of us that will be thinking just that. You cant depend on getting Clarett in the supplemental draft so we will pick up one early in the second or third round which makes Clarett a mute point. Williams is another story. If we could get him some how, I'd give it a hell yeah.

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I heard an interesting scenario proposed this morning about the supplemental draft. San Diego will take Manning with the No. 1 pick and then tender their No. 1 pick in'05 which guarantees them the first choice regardless and then select Mike Williams from USC.

If something like that happens, then Williams won't be around.

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The very thought of Clarett being a Bengal makes me sick...

I wouldn't take him if the NFL gave a draft pick with him...(okay, maybe I'd do that, but only if it's a high pick) you Ohio State fans have gotta wake up and realize he ain't all that.

Williams on the other hand would be a nice addition, but he will not be available cause like jjakq27 said, the Chargers would make the grab on him and they get top priority, if not he wouldn't make it past the top 10 teams in the draft order.

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