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Marvin Lewis press conference now..


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Lewis first talked about weathersby, said that hes in serious condition still, but is improving. He also thanked the people from the hospital and said they are doing a great job. No one had questions about DW, and he moved on..

He listed WR, OL, RB, DE, DT, LB, S, and CB as positions of need (lol)

He talked about their system of grading players..

He said that Carson Palmer and Eric Steinbach were 'cant miss' players last year.

Said he wouldnt talk about any players under contract with this team when asked about corey.

Said that moving down is a possibility, moving up is unlikely.

Said he wants players who play hard, doesnt want more then a few 'high matenence' players.

Seemed interested in Clarett, defended his age, and said that he will look at Clarett like a player who was a JuCo transfer, or a player with injurys and only played one year.

Said that Runningback is the most improved position from last year at this time to this year at this time (Shot at corey?). Also said QB was 2nd most improved.

Not much else, but it was about 30 mins long.

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