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DL in the draft


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Who are we going to get in the draft? I think DJ.Williams, W.Poole, D.Docket, W.Smith. But how about these names M.Hill DE 6'7 305 & Quick is who I like or D.Washington 6'5 330 DT is interesting too. I still think we'll go DL because it all starts & ends there. Thats where games are WON or LOST.

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Well according to most reports, Randy Starks, Darnell Dockett probably lead that list of potential players. Marcus Tubbs, and Donnell Washington are pretty close.

Donnell Washington has tremendous physical skills, but teams are concerned with his measurables the way they are, he should have dominated more than just his junior year.

* Marquise Hill has great measurables as well, with the production to go with it, however he was just diagnosed as being "Bi-Polar". The same illness that affected NFL players A.Spellman and D.Underwood, so there are some concerns there that will probably push him down into round 2. - It is reported that his illness can be treated with medicine, but you would have to wonder how well will he perform medicated..?

* Of course with there being so much talent at the DT spot, and so few DE's that can be considered impact players, sitting at # 24, I say Grab Antwan Odom; size,strength,playmaking ability,good recognition skills should make him a lock for late round 1.

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i like R. Starks or M. Tubbs both are wide bodied run stuffers

after W. Smith and K. Udeze there isn't any DE that play the run and pass equally well

we should be able to pick up a DE in the 3rd or 4th round

T. Laboy and I.Hilton are both quick athletic pass rushers

D. Scott and D. Ball are both run stoppers

A. Odom and J. Babin are both primarily pass rushers but could develop into 4 down players and would be good picks in round 2

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Actually Antwan Odom is the 3rd highest DE prospect this year. And he's more than physical enough to play the run and rush the passer.

* One more year might have finalized him as a prospect, but he's still worth a late 1st.

Starks is an option. and Tubbs is as well, but there are plenty of wide bodies this year.

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Actually today in Marvin Lewis' press conference was the first time that Cincy' hinted that Defensive End is an area of need come draft day.

* Don't know if it was a slip-up, but it actually was the first time that Marvin and Co. admitted that improving the DE spot was a priority.

A.Odom could be our pick, or Marcus Tubbs. Donnell Washington has been moving up too, but I would like to gamble that he'll be there at # 49.

* Chris Gamble is rising on my draft board again. :D

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