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Tonight is carson's night


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:bengal::bengal: I think Carson needs to have a big night. If our D plays ok i think we should be alright.

If the bengals D holds up that leaves it too our offense which should do good tonight.

I keep saying the bengals will win but i keep reminding myself we are playing the colts.

A win tonight would really help us out making the playoffs!

WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bengal::bengal:

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The D has been great the past few weeks, but I've circle this game on my calendar the past five weeks. I've told everyone, if the D steps up this game and plays well, that will convince me that they've turned the corner. This game is going to say a lot about our defense and our chances to make a run into the post season.

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I'm not worried about this game like i was the same game last year. Indy can pick their poison on defense, and either way, I think they get burned. Put an extra man in the box and we're gonna throw it over them. Play zone, and we're gonna run all over them. So, to me, if our defense can just make a couple of stops, we win.

Oh, and the team that punts the most will lose. :P

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