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UFC 65


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GEORGE ST PIERRE!!! I was shocked that he completely dominated the greatest welterweight in MMA history. GSP made it look easy. I've never been a Hughes fan, but you can't argue how great he is. i was suprised GSP beat him that bad

TIm Sylvia for too long has been boring to watch. That fight sucked for the most of it.

Brandon Vera is the real deal. Frank Mir just isn't the same guy he was before his motorcycle accident. He used to be one of the best technical fighters in UFC, an abolute MMA machine, but he's not fast anymore and was really exposed.

Vera could even drop to 205 and be a BEAST!

I love watching people beat each other up! :sure::cheers:

Oh, and for any boxing fans out there, Manny Paquaio destroyed Erik Morales. Manny looked like he could beat anybody last night, and Morales has just been in to many wars.

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TIm Sylvia

I hope they kick him to the curb,I'm tired of him getting the belt and then fighting like a bitch to keep it.But thank god Vera will be taking it at the next defense... I wanna see him take HW belt then if Tito Loses and next few of chucks challanges him move down to fight chuck.

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