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Bengals Path To Winning AFCN


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After suffering through the dark haze of depression for the last month, below is how the Bengals could still win the division. Tell me that this is not possible, I dare you. I am not being homeristic here, albeit, recognizing that there are countless ways for this scenario to fall apart. Here goes:

Baltimore Finishes As Follows:

  • Atl Loss Atl will regroup from recent losses
  • Pitt Loss Pitt is starting to get back to form, either this one or the last game will be a loss
  • Cin Loss We've got to beat them.
  • KC Loss All pistons will be firing at Arrowhead
  • Clev Win Clev still sucks
  • Buf Win Buff still sucks
  • Pitt Win Pitt will split

Overall 10-6

AFCN 4-2

Bengals Finsish As Follows:

  • NO Win Def gets mad and gets it together
  • Clev Win Browns still suck
  • Blt Win We have to win
  • Oak Win Raiders still suck
  • Ind Loss Impossible to beat
  • DV Win They will be cruising for the playoffs
  • Pitt Win We have to win and can win at home as revenge for last year's playoff scandal.

Overall 10-6

AFCN 5-1

So there you go. All is not lost. I feel better already. At least until this Sunday.

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For the sake of the Bengals let's just assume that they will lose the last 7, and let's have word get back to these uninspired bums that the fans are already looking to the draft and have written off this season. The news get's to these players and they prove us all wrong by winning 7 straight. I'm all for it. Who is the Kiper top 20?

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I would not expect Baltimore to lose 4 straight... but I can see them losing 3 more without too much of a wild imagination. They should have lost to San Diego, and they could have easily lost to Cleveland and Tennessee. They aren't a power-house... but unfortunately, I still see the Wild Card as our only road to get in at this point.

I don't see us going 6-1 to finish the season... not the way we've played up to this point.

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There are no power houses in the NFL. The Colts are just barely winning, and that's the mark of a good team.

Should have lost implies that you're counting style points or some other hidden variable. All that matters is points, however and whenever you get them.

That all the above games were won on end of game drives is a positive, not a negative.

But I will grant that you shouldn't give up hope. A couple of important injuries and we could be in trouble. Tie that with a couple of "should have losts" for you, and you're right back in it.

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