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If they're going to go 6-2 this is one they have to win


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As well as the Broncos. That would give us the head to head tie breaker with Chiefs, Chargers, and Broncos. There are only 2 losses the Bengals can have here on out. If it is to the Chargers and Ravens we're done as well. Colt's and Saints we can stand. Each week I am waiting for this offense to get it together. Maybe this will be the one. I'm looking for 5 straight.

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We'll get even with Baltimore. I'm pretty confident of that. I'm concerned about this game and @ N.O. right now.

The Indy and Denver games are far enough away that a lot of things can happen... including the Colts tying up Home field, and not playing all their starters, and the Broncos having control of their division, and having nothing much to gain against us (i.e. us against Buffalo last year). I'm not too worried about them yet. We need this game against SD bad... because if we go to 4-5, it's pretty much over.

I say we go on a 5 game winning streak starting right now! Who's with me?

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