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I'm doing a GM mock at nfl-fans.com, i'm the bengals and right now my 2nd round pick is coming up and i don't know who to pick.

I picked Will Smith up in the 1st, best DL available and Hall was gone.

Right now it looks like my 2nd round choices are:

Donnell Washington DT Clemson

Matt Ware CB/S UCLA

Dwan Edwards DT Oregon State

Igor Olshanky DT Oregon

Greg Jones RB FSU

Who do you think is the best pick? Order them by value if possible. Thx

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1. Matt Ware - Huge Corner we need and Marv and Frazier love. There are great run stuffers to be found in round three with guys like Isaac Sopoaga and Junior Saivaii (sp?). Corners are at more of a premium at this point in the draft.

2. Donnell Washington - Not the Run stuffer he should be at his size but I think Marv could fix that. Both him and Dwan Edwards are still 1-gap guys despite their tremendous size. If we want a run stuffer who can be effective from day one we should be looking at Wilfork, Tubbs, Sopoaga and Savaii.

3. Dwan Edwards - Pretty much the same as Washington only smaller and a bit slower.

4. Greg Jones - We need a back to go with Rudi but more of a speed back with the receiving ability to be a third down back. I really love Jones but we need a different type of back. We should look at Tatum Bell, Fred Russell and Mewelde Moore later in the Draft.

5. Igor Olshansky - I really don't like this guy. He is a body builder playing football. He is not a run stuffer which is what we need. Really a developmental project.

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