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My pick's for week 6.


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The team's in color are the team's I think will win in week 6.

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I don't see KC beating Pissburgh, but if the stars align and it happens ... their season is officially over. I wouldn't cry a single tear.

I also think the Eagles beat the Saints and the Giants beat the Falcons. The rest I go along with.

(still hoping for that devastating win by the Chiefs in Pissburgh ... I can dream, can't I?)

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I think bucs will beat the bengals.

I could definately see KC beating the Steelers. KC has a much better D than the Bengals and Big Jen could struggle. If Larry Johnson is a no go, KC will have trouble, but the Steelers D is banged up as well. Probably no Townsend, Porter, and another starter, I forget who, but it could be a close game.

i'll never let steelers live it down if they give up 100 yards to the KC after giving us crap about our run D

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Please Carolina and KC, get your (and keep your) acts together this Sunday, PLEASE! :)

That would be a sweet outcome.

However, I think that Pit beats KC. Carolina / Baltimore is a tough call. If Carolina is on the upswing, getting Steve Smith back, they will be tough to beat. The question is how much they have improved, really. I give better odds that Carolina will beat Baltimore, though. For whatever it is worth.

But I will be rooting very hard!


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Please Carolina and KC, get your (and keep your) acts together this Sunday, PLEASE! :)

Carolina certainly hasn't been blowing anyone out... but since they got Steve Smith back they haven't lost a game... and there's nothing quite like playing the Baltimore offense to get your defense some confidence. Jamal Lewis won't be able to run the ball with those huge Carolina DT's, and we all saw how washed up Steve McNair looks on Monday night. They won't be able to do anything against the Panthers D on a short week.

I've got a feeling that Carolina will pull out the win, but I can't see Pit losing a virtual must-win at home. KC is a much tougher team at home than on the road. But I believe Cincy will reclaim 1st place in the division this week.

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I think that the Rams can beat the Seahawks...they are on fire right now...seattle still doesnt have Alexander and the Madden curse had to happen to them this year and this is the time it will prevail that the seahawks will not win the division the rams have a solid passing game Stephen Jackson is a very good running back and thier D is very much improved im glad we arent playing them this season they are scary

oh and i thought id show every one my new sig

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