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Chiefs cut DT Dalton


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The reason that ESPN gives is that he didn't fit Herm Edwards' system. Edwards brought in two other guys that he liked and was familiar with, and Dalton hasn't even played. I could see him and Big Sam being the plugs in the middle similar to what J-ville has with Stroud and Henderson. Plus I think Dalton played on that Ravens Superbowl team that Sam was on. He would be a short term fix due to his age, but at this point why not? If they are at all interested, which I don't think they are, they could cut S. Smith. He doesn't seem to be getting a great deal of PT at this point anyway.

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Dalton visited Cincy this offseason as a free agent and the Bengals passed then. Doubt there's any interest in him now and he has a domestic violence charge pending IIRC. Plus, he's not any good.

If they got any interest in DT at this point in the season, they ought to consider Johnathan Sullivan hard. Of course Sullivan and Shaun Smith back together would be like old times in New Orelans and the 2 no doubt would find some cheeseburgers to swipe.

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