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Compensatory Pick -3rd Round


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At least all is not lost from us getting zipped for Takeo


Cincy get the 96th pick, late 3rd round but the best pick awarded

and there is always someone who drops and it is before the

2nd day, so like getting a free player and all it cost was Takeo and

Cory Hall....

Remember Weathersby fell to the 4th round as did Rien Long who the Titans plan to play at DT in place of Robaire Smith....

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Interesting that you would mention Smith. He was one of 2 guys I was really hoping the Bengals could land. The other was Winfield.

I really thought that for a couple of reasons that they wouldn't generate so much interest as to make them unavailable to the Bengals ................ just shows to go ya huh B)

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I'm hoping that use that pick to land a " need " pick, instead of a "name " pick.

-- Let's draft DE,Dt, cb, and a S.. WE can always find good o-linemen in the later rounds.

A - "name" pick, is a guy that has some " hype " on him, because of his workout numbers.. Somebody that shouldn't really be drafted on Day 1, but has a good workout that pushes his stock up.

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