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Merrill Hodge


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Yeah, when I heard him say these things I couldn't believe it either. Hoge usually gets things right, even when I hate it (i.e. predicting Steeler victories). This time I just happen to really love it.

In any case, my bet is that he will change his story on local Pissburgh radio. Of course, I will be sure to pass that along as it comes across. No way he predicts a Bengal victory in 2 weeks. Can't wait to hear what he has to say then.

For now ... I love his prediction! :-)

Go Bengals!

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It is funny coming from him !!! I guess Hodge is a God now huh ??


I thought that was the rule, right? Picks against us ... devil. Picks for us ... god. Simple, right? Yeah, cracks me up sometimes too. Funny how you hear the same tune with announcers. A guy says one critical/negative word, and he stinks. If you want the extreme of this way of thinking, try Pissburgh fans. I remember thinking our fans were guilty of this until I ended living here. Holy cow. Oh well ... sort of funny any way you look at it.

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