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Bills & Bucs help Bengals


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I've been leaning on the premise, that one of the top 4 lineman should make it to Cincy' at # 17 come draft day.-Reason to start to believe just became a reality with the Buffalo Bills, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers signing defensive lineman.

* The Bills signed former Bengal and Steeler Oliver Gibson.-The Bills believed to be in the hunt for a DE, may now fix their efforts to drafting a quarterback,or corner with the added man in the front rotation with Adams, and Pat Williams.

* The Buccaneers ( according to John Clayton ) will sign troubled (DT), Darrell Russell to a one year contract within the next day or so.Russell will no doubtedly be brought in to replace Warren Sapp. --This opens up the possibility that they will draft a WR,RB,or offensive lineman, instead of a stud DT as a replacement.

* Things to hope for within the next coming weeks.! The Jags,Bears,and Vikings have all been tied to Adewele Agunleye the DE from the Dolphins, as teams are looking to add a stud DE,AA-may be the second best option behind Jevon Kearse.AA -recorded 15 sacks last year for the 'Phins. He's currently tendered a 1 year max tender of 1.82 million.The Dolphins are asking for a 1st and a 3rd for him in exchange.(According to DRAFTX.com)- The 'Phins are entertaining other trade options if they can't hash out a 1st and 3rd for him.

--Point being, the more teams that sign DE's. and DT's before the draft, the more likely it is , that we could draft- Udeze,Harris,Wilfork,and Smith.

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