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Rod Woodson and Faulks predictions


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they don't hate me that much over there compared to other bengal fans :P sense normally i'm being realistic and only laugh at em when they say ben is either the best QB in the nfl or 2nd best. :P same with porter being best olb

PFT gives us Love :o

AFC East: Miami 6-2, New England 5-3, New York Jets 4-4, Buffalo Bills 2-6.

AFC North: Cincinnati 6-2, Pittsburgh 5-3, Baltimore 4-4, Cleveland 2-6.

AFC South: Jacksonville 6-2, Indianapolis 5-3, Houston 2-6, Tennessee 2-6.

AFC West: Denver 6-2, San Diego 5-3, Kansas City 3-5, Oakland 3-5.

NFC East: Philadelphia 6-2, Dallas 4-4, New York Giants 3-5, Washington 3-5.

NFC North: Chicago 7-1, Minnesota 5-3, Green Bay 3-5, Detroit 3-5.

NFC South: Carolina 5-3, Tampa Bay 5-3, Atlanta 4-4, New Orleans 2-6.

NFC West: Seattle 6-2, San Francisco 3-5, Arizona 2-6, St. Louis 1-7.

Check back Thursday for the rest.

Winning the division at wek 9

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