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Sunday Night Football


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In weeks 10 through 15, and then in week 17, NBC gets to hand-pick the Sunday night game. I assumed that since we have the "toughest schedule" in the NFL, that there would be a lot of match-ups that would play well on Sunday night football.

I was wrong. These weeks in our schedule break down pretty poorly for us to be selected.

Week 10 - SD @ home. This could be our best shot. Other intriguing match-ups include KC at Miami and Wash at Philly.

Week 11 - @ N.O. We're not getting the gig that night.

Week 12 - @ Cle. Another underwhelming match-up for prime time.

Week 13 - Bal @ home. It's okay, but it's already the Thursday night game, so nope.

Week 14 - Oak @ home. They aren't going to put the worst team in the NFL on prime time.

Week 15 - @ Indy. It's already the Monday night game.

Week 17 - Pittsburgh @ home. This could be our real chance... but there are a ton of possibly intriguing games... so if either Pittsburgh or Cincy already has everything locked up, we probably won't get it over: Atl @ Philly, Jax @ KC, Seattle @ TB, and Miami @ Indy.

Hopefully we get a couple... but right now, the only ones I see as possible are week 10 and 17... and it will probably be one or the other... not both. We currently only have 2 prime time games, so it would be nice to get one more.

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According to the NY Post's Sports columnist, the Bengals-Steelers game has already been earmarked by NBC which I think means that CBS can't protect it. See the link for the full story on which games have been earmarked for each week.


On Dec. 31, Week 17, the Jets are scheduled to be home against the Raiders, at 1 p.m. On Dec. 24, that game can be moved to 8:15 p.m. for NBC's money. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

However, we're told NBC already is planning to turn the Steelers-Bengals 1 p.m. game into its New Year's Eve Sunday nighter. Ahh, a winter night game outdoors in Cincinnati. And hey, fans - especially you drunken ones - be careful driving home; those roads get extra slick late at night. Don't forget, too, it's Drunk Night in America!

The others NBC has in mind to short-notice switch to night games are Redskins-Buccaneers (Week 11), Eagles-Colts (Week 12), Seahawks-Broncos (Week 13) and Patriots-Dolphins (Week 14).

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I hope the Bengals-sh@tsburgh game is not an 8:00 game. That is New Years Eve and by the time I got home it would be after midnight; missing all the parties. So let's hope for that Chargers game. I don't think N.O. is out of question especially if Bush starts breaking away in games. The pablicity NBC would get would be huge. I'm sure tons of people would want to see Bush in action.

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