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OK, Gardener or no Gardener


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Broncos have agreed to release him in June and he can start working deals as of right now... I think he would add depth and be a solid pickup. If Marvin thinks he can get him to contribute, I say, great !! What do you all think ?? Oh that's right I'm in Texas, What do Y'all think ??


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Got filled in on details of him on another thread. He seems to have some personal problems and is pretty questionable in the character department as well. Don't know if I'd take a chance on him ........ definitely not for anything over the minimum.

Long contract ??? No. definitely not. Too much chance he'd do a Dillon or Pickens.

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With Lewis he believes you get paid for what you do not what you did. This guy is exactly what we need on our DL. Everyone has personal problems and if anyone can make him work its Marvin

Well, if he says the only coach he responded to was Coach Lewis, and we give him a minimum salary with incentives, I say go for it. Its not like you're signing him to a huge offer sheet, and maybe he can re-focuse and get his mind right. If we do happen to get our paws on him, he could turn out to be a good pickup from what I hear.....I'll check out the Denver Broncos site and see what they have to say about him....

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I posted part of this article a couple of weeks ago. Thought it would add some insight. This is from Mar 12 Denver Post.

A sight as strange as Daryl Gardener's short-lived Denver career unfolded Wednesday at Broncos headquarters.

Gardener and Broncos coach Mike Shanahan shook hands. Three times. Then they went their separate ways.

"All I can say," Gardener said, "is that I am happy this is finally resolved."

Gardener's Broncos career and a hearing to resolve his financial dispute with the team ended Wednesday without the need of an arbitrator.

The Broncos walked away with a rebate of some portion of the $3 million signing bonus they paid Gardener a year ago, and the talented but troubled defensive tackle walked away with his freedom.

The Broncos promised to release Gardener on June 2, but granted him permission to shop for a new team now as if he already were a free agent.

The teams expected to show the most interest in Gardener are the Washington Redskins and Cincinnati Bengals.

Gardner spent one season in Washington before signing a seven-year, $39 million deal with Denver, and his former Redskins defensive coordinator, Marvin Lewis, now is the Bengals head coach.

Gardener's career in Denver was nothing short of a disaster. He suffered a broken hand in a pre-training camp fight in the parking lot of an Aurora pancake house, fought with Broncos coaches, branded Shanahan "the little man up there" in a radio interview and played in only five games.

The Broncos sought a full rebate of the $3 million signing bonus they awarded Gardener last March, plus the right to avert payment of the other $2 million signing bonus that was due Gardener on Jan. 15.

Neither Gardener nor the Broncos would disclose how they settled their differences or how much money each side received.

The surprise ending to the dispute was consistent with the way the rest of Gardener's Broncos career went. One day earlier, NFL Players Association's general counsel Richard Berthelsen predicted a hearing would last two days, with at least a dozen witnesses called to testify.

Shanahan and Gardener's agent, Neil Schwartz, huddled and ended the matter quickly, peacefully and on their own. The two have known each other since negotiating a series of contracts for former Broncos running back Terrell Davis, Schwartz's client.

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