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can johnson do it


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1800 yards is a lot of passes...That's 112.5 yards a game...

He averaged 15.1 yards a catch last year, at that rate he has to get 120 catchs to get to 1800. If he does get a few more long balls his way and his average goes up to say 17 yards a catch, he would still need 106 catchs...That's a lot of grabs...Especially when you consider that he'll get constant double teams unless Palmer makes good on his threat to get P-dub into the probowl...

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Kev is right. As of right now? No, he won't have 1800 yards this season unless someone can cause a little havoc underneth or create another deep threat. P-Dub has his best year last season and I really don't expect him to have a better one than last. We really need (A) a fast and hands TE (we don't have that right now) and we need ( B ) a speed WR to at least give off Chad a little. Hopefully Pat Johnson takes care of that.


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The key for Johnson to get 1800 yards is the running game. We have to be able to average 130 yards a game to have that type of impact on the passing game.

---The more effective the line is at drive blocking and zone blocking, as well as Rudi breaking long runs, and whoever his compliment is, or Palmer adding in a few runs on those make-able third downs will open the passing lanes.

---Secondly..The Kelley Washington that terrorized the SEC his freshman,and part of his sophomore years has to step up.--When We go to our 3-wide formation,KW has to stretch his man ,leaving P-dub open under neath.

---Agree with Kirk, about the TE.... We either need a healthy Schobel, or and I wouldn't be mad if they did it.. Draft a guy like Watson or Troupe,because they are just as athletic as Winslow jr., and Watson's 4.46 speed is eyepopping for a tight end.

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