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Ideal draft picks

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:rolleyes: I know I know, this has been done.....but frankly, I'm excited! I'm over Dillon, Sapp too...FA was mediocre, but we say that NOW. I anxious to see Webster play. With that said....lets get down


This is just the first day, I'm no guru by any stretch of imagination...

rd. 1

(in order of availabilty)

Udeze, Wilfork, Harris, Gamble, Hall, Starks

We could use help on the D-Line obviously, and those are the top 3 DLinemen in the draft. IF that goes awry, then we get Gamble, a elite CB in the making with Fraziers tutelage! Ditto with Hall. Starks great DT

rd. 2

Boulware, Grove, , Sopoaga, Snee, Smiley Derrick Straight

I think Boulware could be something special, and Coach Lewis has had tremendous sucess with his brother.....he can play LB OR Safety I'd imagine...I bet if he played S full time, he'd get as good as Taylor

(but thats not where the money's at)

O-Linemen....Grove best center in the draft, Snee and Smiley great guards, I dont think Will will (haha) be there, but I'm not so sure about Straight, he's been real quiet lately, but he'd be an EXCELLENT 2nd round choice, lets not kid ourselves....

rd. 3 (Three picks in this round, projected Dillon trade, compensatory)

a.Issace Sopaoga-I think this dude can be good....scary good...

b. Jason Peters- I seriously doubt he'd be here, but if he was, I'd snatch him up.....could play either TE or OT, athletic enough to do both

c. Bob Sanders- to paraphrase 'the wood', "that lil' nigga got heart!" besides, Iverson's playing in the league, right?

rd 4. Man, Im no expert, I bet all my picks are off....but this is my ideal draft scenario...any of those dudes and I'd be geeked....

but for the fourth....if he's there.......Jason Babin of Western Michigan...

By the way heres a decent mock draft....I like this dudes site


Bring it on....I can take the criticism B)

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So far until the pro-days finish, My big board looks like this..

round 1. Round 2. Round 3.

--------- ---------- ----------

Udeze Strait Schweigart

Wilfork Grove Clarett

Smith D. Washington Sanders

Hall D.Thomas K. Smith

Starks I.Sopoaga Askew

Carey I.Olhansky Kelly

-----------compensation picks...-----------------

1. Alex Stepanovich c ohio St.

2. Keyaron Fox lb georgia tech.

3. Brandon Everage ss oklahoma

4. Sean Locklear g N.C. St.

Round 4. Round 5. Round 6. Round 7.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------

R.Colclough N.Leckey C.Harriot R.Rutherford

S.Peterman D.Reid G.Scott S.Williams

J.Cotchery A.Lewis S.Olivea C.Diggs

R.Davis A.Shull A.Clarke J.Carstens

M.Moore D.Ball G.Wilson K.Larson(punter)

That's my board as to who I think Cincy' will have a legit chance to draft in each round. Some players will move up, and some will fall .I think the Key to drafting well, is getting the player that shouldn't be there each round especially if he fits a need.

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Yeah, Brandon Everage was considered to be a Roy Williams type of player earlier last year, but injuries, poor play, and bad attitude made him fall faster than David Duchovny's career. !

He could still be a great pickup for us come round 4. That would be a steal if he can become the player he was before his senior year.

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A report from Profootballdigest.com says---that L.S.U. Defensive End prospect Marquise Hill has been diagnosed as being Bipolar.

--League officials will follow this very carefully, considering other players like Dimitrius Underwood, and former Bears player Alonzo Spellman.

--Scouts do feel that Hill was a first round candidate, and that his disorder could cost him to fall.

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