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so if we sign marion -- and it looks like it's going to happen -- who out there thinks that a marion / herring tandem is a substantial upgrade over roman / beckett? not me. to my untrained eye, roman was one of the bright spots on the d last season. if you think roman can't cover -- and i happen think he's pretty good at shadowiing tight ends -- wait till you see old man marion get toasted. simply put, i don't understand why in the name of bobby kemp we'd do this. anyone care to defend these safety moves by marvin?

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I'll defend them..

For one.. Marion is an all pro. He's a leader on defense, he can hit as hard as a linebacker, and attacks passing lanes with the best of them. He's been to the last 2 pro-bowls, so his age, at his position doesn't really scare me , since he's gonna groom a draftee this year anyways.

Herring, may not be top notch, but he won't drop interceptions, and he's a natural saftey ,something that Roman has struggled with since being drafted. Roman never made his niche' at either corner or Safety. He was drafted off of draft hype because of some good workouts,instead of his playmaking abilities. Something that Cincy did 2 years straight with Cory Hall 3rd pick in '99 draft, and Roman 2nd round pick in '00 draft.

---The really sad thing is that Roman was drafted ahead of Rogers Beckett, Arturo Freeman, William Bartee, and several other proven starters .

-So in a nut shell, are they an improvement...uh yeah..!! :D

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