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After watching nfl game of the week (pats vs Falcons


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If we were able to get a #3 for KDub, I wouldn't cry if we used a 4th for an Omar Jacobs, Charlie Whitehurst or Brodie Croyle if they were there when we picked. I bet Pittsburgh would burn 1 of there 50 comp picks on a "backup QB/project" just to keep us from grabbing one in the 4th.

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I do not mind the idea of drafting a QB...I would be especially interested in a guy like Reggie Mcneal, who could also line up outside and be a "slash" type player when Carson comes back.

Would Reggie McNeal fare any better or worse than a Martin, Krenzel, or Johnson? No...maybe a bit better because he is a better scrambler than any of those fools.

Omar will be gone by end of r2, as will proabbly Croyle and whitehurst by r3.

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Put me in the camp of, if we should happen to get rid of K-Wash, we should use the extra third on defense. God knows there will be enough talent for us to make the final step with our D to take us over the top.

Then again, I think the extra pick might just make TE a no brainer, if it's not already...


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