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What does 3rd catcher mean?


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No way they would trade Larue now, they just signed him to a long term deal in the off-season. Plus D. Ross is not an upgrade to Larue, the Larue/Valentin platoon worked fine last year. If anything this signals Dunn's move to back to the outfield, and Larue/Valenin platoon at first along with Hatteberg.

I can't even see Ross sticking at this point. Who knows?

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I smell a LaRue trade coming. I can't think of any other reason why the Reds would trade for another catcher. Does anyone know if the new catcher has minor league options remaining?

It means CooCoo LaRue is signed to an attractive long term deal and therefore expendable. With any luck you will never see him in a Reds uniform again. Krivsky has too many spare parts lying around (see catchers, second basemen and average relief pitchers) for a trade or two not to happen.

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