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Adalius Thomas


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Forgive me if this is old news.

From Chick Ludwig Dayton Daily News:

• Keep an eye on Ravens free-agent defensive end Adalius Thomas. He's the 270-pound gunner Lewis wants on special teams and in pass-rushing situations.

Thomas, seen wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey while hanging out with former heavyweight boxing champ Hasim Rahman in Baltimore recently, is also being pursued by the Jets and Jaguars. If the Bengals get him, go ahead and order your playoff tickets

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He's coming off of a major injury ,and if the Ravens didn't feel it necessary to chase him back to them, then I don't see why we should do it either.

---The Ravens have twice as much more cap room than us to play with , They could have re-signed him in a heartbeat. The Jets would move him to linebacker...and the Jaguars are looking for a Tony Brackens' replacement..Neither team is going to get what they want out of him... :lol:

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Thomas is a great player. The reason the Ravens aren't really trying to re-sign him is because we drafted Terrel Suggs last year. Suggs has the potential to be an absolute monster and will be starting next year. That makes AD expendable

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