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Despite CBa extended out cap space aint 7.5 mill extra


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It's call addition through subraction, IDK if any of you guy know this new feature of the cba.

NFL minimums increased $40,000 across the board from what was scheduled in 2006. The minimum salary for rookie or first-year players is $275,000; second year is $350,000; third year is $425,000; fourth year is $500,000; fifth-year through seventh year is $585,000; eighth year through 10th year is $710,000; and 11th year and longer is $810,000. For some teams, that eats up a considerable amount of the $7.5 million cap increase from $94.5 million to $102 million.

So if we have 20 players signed on at minimum salary that means our extra cap space wil be eaten up considerably.

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