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clarett vs kijana

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Kijana had his career ended cause of injury, and a pour strength and conditioning program that couldn't rehabilitate him properly.....ACL injurys are career killers for running backs (see E James of the Colts) What he could have been is something we'll really never know....(but he wouldn't have lived up to the hype regardless)

But Clarett just sucks.....One season in College football proves absolutly NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! Clarett is a pathetic excuse for a football player....

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This is a great post, but I don't think both lines were as talented as each other.. AS a matter of fact, the guys from Penn state probably weren't as good as the guys from OSU.

Penn state featured Conlin,Hartings,Johnson, Kyle Brady was the tight end, and they had a freshman FLoyd Wedderburn. THey were decent, but Hartings was the best of the entire group. Wedderburn could have been good, he had a 1st round grade his senior year, till a series of knee injuries took their toll , and he ended up being a 5th rounder to the Seahawks.

This year's OSU team, is probably more like that Notre Dame line from a couple of years ago , where everyone got drafted and turned out ok..Alex Stepanovich, could be a 1st day pick.Adrien Clarke and Shane Olivea carry high second day grades. Olivea will probably move to guard.

as for talent... Carter was better than Clarrett...He ran for more than 7 yards a pop against the big 10 man.. that's just phenominal.....When he got hurt against the lions that pre-season, you talk about a "gut-punch". Clarett might make the better pro though.. (body really hasn't taken a pounding... he's probably stronger now , when he's drafted he won't be expected to start right away I imagine (if he's a 3rd rounder).

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