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Jason Avant

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I was watching his drills at the Combine on NFL Network the other day and I have one word for them.......DYNAMITE. He has outstanding hands and is fast.

I could see him as a replacement for Chris Henry if he is gone by any chance.

I still say, go with Defense in the 1st round though. If by any chance Avant is available and slips through to the second or third (highly doubt it) then go after him.

But my first pick would be Kinwanuka from BC anyway.

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I take it back, he's not as fast as I originally thought. He runs a good 4.5 40yd dash, but is best known for his hands.

SCOUTING REPORT: Avant has decent height and a nice, solid build. He has a sturdy and muscular frame. His hands are elite. Passes stick to his hands and he rarely double clutches any passes. Avant shows great ability to snatch the ball out of the air and in a crowd. He is very reliable over the middle and isn't afraid of contact.. He is a move the chains type of receiver who makes a lot of catches on third down. He doesn't have great pure speed or explosiveness though. He hasn't shown himself to be much of a deep threat, but he understands the game well and gets open. In his route running, he shows good quickness in his breaks. What Avant also has is great football savvy. He runs his routes past the first down markers and is cogniscent of the sidelines and the back of the end zones. After the catch, he has shown some nimbleness, but this isn't his strong suit. In the running game, Avant is a strong and willing blocker. He gets good position and leverage and blocks until the whistle. Off the field and in the locker room, Avant is a strong presence and has great character. He is an unselfish, team first type of player.

(.......from a scouting report I found seaching on google. type in Jason+Avant)

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