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Reggie Wayne = not so good for CJ

Dirk Funk

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Been a long time.

RWayne got 6yrs - 40mill.

CJ got 6yrs - 29mill.

How can we not be looking at a holdout? RWayne is the second fiddle and got a $13mill signing bonus? We need to hire Bill Polian.

My problem with Chad is he cannot take over a game. He tends to fade. Doesn't have that Steve Smith, TO ability to dominate regardless of the defense.

What steps can he take to become that dominate player? He certainly has helped other people succeed, ala TJ, ala Henry. :jawdrop:

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Chad has said he won't hold out... but this certainly does make it look as though the Bengals should extend him before Chad looks around the league and sees he's being paid less than WR's he is significantly better than.

We should restructure his deal, and give him a fat signing bonus. He's one of the main contributers to our turnaround, and he's earned his payday...

In response to the uninformed comment made by Dirk Funk... he's considered a top 3 or 4 WR by just about every CB in the league. No one likes going up against this guy. He does take over games with his attitude, because he draws all the attention to himself, and this leaves the defense vulnerable to our other weapons... and being double covered all game, and still managing to put up the numbers he does is just sick.

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