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WCA's Bengals mock v2

Whur CHad At?

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I have made some interesting changes to my new mock since my old one was unrealistic after a couple of weeks.

Round 1- Ko Simpson S South Carolina


*We need a big time, agressive Safety to complement Madeiu. Ko would fit nicely. Darnell Bing or a TE could also be addressed here

Round 2- Orien Harris DT Miami(Fl)


*Not a huge DT (302 lbs.) but is def. a good fit for our system. He doesn't get a lot of sacks, but does a good job against the run, and can cause a disruptance in the backfield. Very High Potential

Round 3- Anthony Fasano TE Notre Dame


*Now I Doubt he will fall this far...but if he does we will snatch him up. TE is avery desperate need right now. If Fasano ain't there, hopefully Joe Klopfenstein will be there, but Fasano is bigger and better blocker.

Round 4- Elvis Dumervil DE Louisville


*Now you might think I am crazy for him here, but I think his size is going to seriously effect his stock in the draft. He will be like Randy Starks, a potential first rounder that drops to the fourth. Depending on what we do in FA though, this pick might not be likely. I have seen several mock's of which he goes as far as the 6th round.

Round 5- Rob Sims OG Ohio St.


This pick will strickly be for depth...Good player solid pick.

Round 6- Marcus Maxey CB Miami(Fl)


Will be a ST contributor, exceptional replacement if needed.

Ok here is the biggest suprise :D


Round 7- Jeremy Bloom WR Colorado


This guy could be a steal. He isn't a great reciever, but is a hell of a Punt Returner, and that is a glaring need. Think of Tim Dwight. Jeremy Bloom is an excat mold of him. The Nebraska Offense Cordinator said that Bloom was the fastest player he has "ever" seen. Could be a future ST Pro Bowler.

So there it is...please leave as much negative feedback as possible!

I'll be back to make changes once we start making FA moves, well if we make any...Peace

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Fasano and Dumervil would be great at those spots but pretty unlikely...

The rest seems good. Bloom is a real wildcard...although we have Broussard who is just about the same.

I like Maxey..he may move up based on times...good size.

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Dumervil is in Tweenerville right now and might not get picked Day 1. I think he's got a good shot at going before the 4th because he's a lot more solid vs. the run than he gets noticed for with all the sacks he's had. I'd say DE turned 3-4 OLB prospects like Manny Lawson and Kamerion Wimbley will go before him, but Dumervil ought to be up there on boards for 3-4 teams and also 4-3 DEs in the 3rd.

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