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Offensive Line?

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I have heard many hints of us drafting an offensive lineman. Apparently, we have been talking to OT Jonathan Scott (Combine) and OG Davin Joseph (Senior Bowl). Due to Palmer's injury, we are now more likely to take an OL, whether it be for depth, or for near future. With LT Levi Jones' contract expiring next year, LT becomes a possibility, that means Winston Justice and Jonathan Scott could become outside shots to be the pick at #24. With RT Willie Anderson's age, 31, Marcus McNeill seems to be a possibility as well. At LG we lack depth behind Steinbach, and his contract will also expire next season, this makes Davin Joseph a possibility, he is expected to be able to play LG or RG (if Bobbie Williams leaves next year) If Georgia's RG Max Jean-Gilles is on the board at #55, he could be the pick, and the Bengals would not resign Bobbie Williams next year.

So my question to you guys, what do you guys of thinking an OL early or at all, think it's a possibility?

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If 2007 is an uncapped year and there's no CBA, neither Levi nor Steinbach will be UFAs at the end of 2006. The potential urgency to replace them and groom players becomes less pressing. Even w/o a CBA, the Bengals should still pursue extending both with just the 4 year pro-rate of signing bonus available, especially Steinbach. The Bengals would have to like Jon Scott an awful lot -- and he's not better enough than some early Day 2 prospects -- to burn the 1st rounder it would take to get him. The only pulling guards from the left side who might get some consideration would be Davin Joseph and maybe Darryn Colledge, but I doubt the latter has the upper body strength yet to kick inside.

Right side is a different story. Both Big Willie and Bobbie W will be UFAs at the end of the season. There's depth in this year's draft and a lot of interior linemen should vacate the board in the 2nd round. Among those who might be left when the Bengals pick at #55 would be Ryan O'Callaghan (who should be able to swing RT in the NFL) and Charles Spencer (who is more suited for guard but played LT in college and should be able to adapt to RT if needed).

Personally, I hope the Bengals extend who they have as much as possible and continue to develop the backups who are all solid players. I would rather they didn't spend any picks on the O-Line.

Center would be the biggest wildcard because of Nick Mangold. Much of that depends on whether or not the Bengals think that Eric Ghiaciuc is their center of the future.

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Mangold was on the NFL network coverage. They siad they thought of him as the best center prospect they'd seen in maybe 10 years.

He looked good in drills, has the size and in the interview was very humble, modest and well spoken. I think he moves up and is taken in r1 by a team with a real C need.

For us, looking at a C does depend on Ghiaciuc as well as Wilkerson. I can't remember if Braham was a 1 yr deal or if he's on the hook for more?

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