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Beckett replacing John Lynch?


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From TBO.com...

Warren Sapp is all but standing on the street with the sign "Will Sack For Food.''

Jon Gruden insists Brad Johnson is his guy as the Bucs, shunned by Jeff Garcia, explore buying body parts from UCLA to build a starting quarterback.

Now John Lynch, pewter to the core, is at the center of speculation that he'll be cut by the Bucs, which would be like Mayberry cutting Opie.

Rule nothing out.

And hold onto those Super Bowl team photos, Bucs fans. That old gang of yours might be on the way out, replaced by, well, just as old a gang.

And forget what Gruden said last miserable season about injuries and close losses. Judging by this offseason, nothing less than blowing it up and starting over will suffice. Gruden won't say this. At least that's better than the new GM, who reportedly will neither confirm nor deny that he is Bruce Allen.<

Action Trumps Loyalty

Business is business and it's a cold world, but we can't begin to warm to the idea that cutting Lynch would be a good thing for the Bucs, much less Lynch.

Perhaps we're thinking too much, but it's the times we live in, courtesy of 7-9, Jumping Jon and Buccaneer Bruce. They want action, not loyalty. What have they done that says different? What have they done to make us do anything but crunch pertinent numbers on Lynch?

He turns 33 in September. He's coming off shoulder surgery. The Bucs would save a little more than $4 million against the salary cap if they cut Lynch before June 1. He is due a $1 million roster bonus June 1. If Lynch is released after that, the Bucs save a little more than $5 million. Imagine the whiz-bang offensive toys that could buy.

Do you believe we're talking about this?

What in the way the Bucs have handled Sapp and Brad Johnson says we shouldn't?

Sapp is a pathetic sight these days. Have you ever seen less of a groundswell to keep one of the three best players in a team's history? It's the grave Sapp dug with the common folk, and there he lies, sack numbers down, genuinely wanting to stay. Looks like the Bucs want him to crawl. It's pretty shabby treatment. Sapp and Lynch have earned the right to leave the Bucs on their own terms. But who does that in the NFL anymore? Who did ever? We keep seeing Johnny Unitas in that garish Chargers uniform.

Gruden's take on Sapp was beautiful: ``I don't like him. I love him. ... At the same time, there's a business side of pro football that I'm probably better off leaving alone.''

Love ain't what it used to be.

And there is quarterback Brad. Do you think he trusts his head coach like he once did? Do you think if Garcia had come here, he would have been a backup?

So why is John Lynch safe?

Why is anyone?

Gruden A Pinball Wizard

Mind you, I think it would do Sapp good to leave. A snub by his forever team might just anger him back to greatness. The man loves proving people wrong.

Time to move on.

Gruden can and will. Pinballs always do. And Gruden is a wizard. He caroms off Garcia and signs 32-year-old runner Charlie Garner, who had some knee surgery last Friday.

The Bucs have lived down to expectations this offseason. Gruden bristled when anyone said he craved only veterans. He resented quarterback rumors; Brad was his guy. He fumed at the suggestion that he would play anyone, no matter what rock they crawled out from under.

Gruden and Allen have answered skeptics by bringing in veterans, looking for quarterbacks and sending an emissary to meet with the one and only Darrell Russell.

By the way, the Bucs visited with free agent Rogers Beckett on Wednesday. He's 27. He plays safety. John Lynch's position.

Maybe we're thinking too much.

How can we not?

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I'm sorry but unless Marion saves us a wad of cash money compared to Beckett, why would we want to get older in our secondary? We're already looking at the 30+ age range for a starting corner and has anyone noticed we kinda need a Guard?

I think we need to look at this from losing Becket rather than picking up Lynch. I don't believe, even if he were available, we'd go after Lynch. I'd just hate to lose Becket, he showed some serious signs of promise.

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Bob Sanders really impressed me at the combine being 5 '8(3/4)...weighing 205 lbs... and especially running a sub 4.4 in the 40. The Consensus on him is, if he's 3 inches taller, he'd be a lock for the first round...

---all the more reason that If he's there early 3rd, I'd make a move on him. Have to be concerned about his lack of size when quarterbacks and running backs are as big as linebackers..!

Rogers Beckett played well ... but he's still a liability in coverage, and doesn't have (deep-middle-skills) to really play in our defense. Our safeties are interchangeable, which means at times,he's gonna be our "deep-3rd"..and that worries me.

Marion might be older,but he's got very good coverage skills,and has natural safety instincts...He makes plays on defense and special teams, and he's a team leader. Can't go wrong with a guy like that.

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Marvin has said all along that they can only keep one safety between Beckett and Roman....Marvin may actually be looking at keeping Roman if they can't keep Beckett...

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