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Don't draft Claude Wroten


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This moron didn't get caught with a joint, he got busted with pounds of weed. With intent to distribute. If you are going to be a millionaire why would you do this? He is an idiot.

I totally agree. This guy's draft status has got to change from the 1st round to 2nd day. Even if we could get him as an undrafted FA with no signing bonus, i would do it.

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All the initial reports had Wroten with less than an ounce, not pounds. Plus the charges were dropped, so he's not facing any other legal action over it.

Still stupid, but at least his car was registered and he was licensed. And so far he hasn't pulled a gun on anyone in the middle of a street yet since he was arrested.

Marvin may pass but others won't if Wroten comes off as haflway decent of a person during combine interviews, which he probably will. Look for the Bucs to take him in the 2nd.

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Wroten may suffer the same consequences as Sapp did when Sapp tested positive prior to the draft -- i.e. Sapp slip well down in the draft, because teams were concerned about a bigger problem.

As far as I remember, Sapp hasn't gotten into much trouble since then. Now Ricky Williams -- thats another story.

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