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Feds say steroids given to players

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I'm shocked, stunned even...i just wouldn't believe it....I still don't believe....I must be a federal conspiracy.....


Please take Bonds home run record away from him....please oh please......To the players, owners, and officials of MLB....SHOW SOME f**kING BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ban the roids, at the very least put an astrix beside every record set in the 90's, test everybody, all the time.....and take a pay cut(I can dream can't I?)

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Please take Bonds home run record away from him....please oh please......

Take them away? I doubt it. Jam an asterick up his ass next to all his records? They better!!

I think you should do the same to McGuire.

Yep....Give it back to Maris damnit! Not gonna happen, but they need to put an astrix next to the record....Also if a player starts to chase a record he should be subject to even more drug tests.....Not that they even bother to test them now, but you get my point....

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For all of the negative in baseball right now, it needs to happen and it NEEDS to get worse so everything can get better. I really think it will as it progresses. This is one thing I'm glad the media keeps harping on, make sure we don't forget about the game nor the strides needed for the game to survive.

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