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Bills release Pro Bowl guard Brown


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He could be a decent pickup for a two year deal or something. Thoughts?

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) -- Eight-time Pro Bowl guard Ruben Brown was released by the Buffalo Bills on Monday, in part for salary cap reasons.

However, Bills president Tom Donahoe said there were several other factors behind the move.

Brown was due to receiver a $1.8 million bonus had he been on roster Wednesday, the first day of free agency. He also was due for a base salary of $2.7 million this season.

Brown was selected 14th overall in the 1995 draft by Buffalo. He and backup quarterback Alex Van Pelt were the two longest serving players on the Bills roster.

Brown had been a full-time starter since his rookie season, and had started 136 games with Buffalo, missing only eight games in nine seasons.

He started 15 games last year before being excused by the team from playing in Buffalo's season finale against New England last December.

The team has refused to say why Brown was excused.

Brown has maintained it was for disciplinary reasons after he had a disagreement over offensive philosophy with the team's former coaching staff, led by Gregg Williams.

Brown ranks second among Bills players with eight Pro Bowl selections, behind former defensive end Bruce Smith, who was selected 11 times.

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Very good point Joisey.. I forgot all about Richmond Webb.. We should definitely offer him a 2-3 year deal worth 7.5 million. 1.5 to sign,and 2 million a year ,3rd year option.?? maybe..

There is still that possibility that we could get a pretty good guard in the second day of the draft though..? A.Stepanovich,can play center and guard... should be there in round 4 or 5..? Same thing with big ol Justin Smiley from Alabama.. except for the center part.. but he's huge with decent feet..Stock dropping a little bit .

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Ruben Brown has played in 8 straight pro-bowls...I don't know who told you that there are better players available..but they're wrong.. He was released for salary cap purposes... Maybe because they'd rather pay 30 million for Spikes and who knows how much Bledsoe is getting..??

Plus 2004 would be his 10th year.. still relatively young..and could give us a good 3-4 years. with at least 2 as dominating as his last 8.

Another reason why he was released because he was the only player that told management what he thought about the direction of the team.And as all management will do, they'd rather release the guy because he must be a trouble maker for speaking his mind... Funny thing is.. Didn't they fire that old coaching staff..?? hmmmmm ;)

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