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Romeo Crennel loves to bully wideouts..


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Remember when Crennel defense pushed the colts widouts all over the field against the Colts in the playoffs a couple years ago..

He used the same tactics agasinst the Bengals sunday..

bump, push manhandle.. anything to disrupt the passing game ..

he took it to the limit when he saw the refs were more or less letting the boys play and not calling ticktack penalties in his mind..

finally the refs started calling some at the end of the game..

Crennel takes it to the limit with his defensive backs and it looked like it worked sunday....

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I understand the penalties cost him the game..

Im just saying that if the refs had called some of those call earlier the game may have been decided earlier..

Chad and TJ were really pounded allot yesterday.. Allot of times they were touched before the ball got to them...

I thought the refs were very lienient in their calls concerning pass defense on the Browns yesterday....

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