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Bengals Radio Network all broadcast areas included


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City Station Frequency

Athens WATH-AM 970

Canton WTIG-AM 990

Celina WCSM-FM 96.7

Chillicothe WBEX-AM 1490

Cincinnati WCKY-AM


WLW-AM 1360



Columbus WTVN-AM 610

Dayton WTUE-FM 104.7

Hillsboro WSRW-AM 1590

Ironton WIRO-AM 1230

Lima WIMA-AM 1150

Logan WLGN-AM 1510

Marietta WMOA-AM 1490

Middleport WMPO-AM 1390

Portsmouth WIOI-AM 1010

Washington Court House WKSI-AM 1250


City Station Frequency

Burnside WKEQ-AM 910

Lexington WLAP-AM 630

London WFTG-AM 1400

Louisville WXXA-AM 790

Paintsville WKYH-AM 600


City Station Frequency

Huntington WVHU-AM 800

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pay for radio lol your kidding man comeon now thats unamerican

It's not so much paying for radio as it is paying for radio without endless loudmothed commercials! Your lucky to get 40 minutes of real music in an hour over the airwaves. That's why I just quit listening all together to radio. I've got a CD collection that totals close to 3500 discs, and I USE it! I'll pick a satallite radio provider once they sort themselves out on who's carrying what, which should be soon.

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