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First Steeler Game a 'Blessing in Disguise'?


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As I look back over the season, it sure seems to me that there is a distinct possibility that the first Steeler matchup was a 'blessing in disguise'. How is that? Well, our Bengals were surely humbled. They were run over. They played tough in the first half, and probably felt o.k. (except for missed opportunities). But the Steelers controlled the game after that. The Bengals ended up with only 1 TD in that game. I think this was quite humbling for a team that is so proud on offense. Add to this all the smack talk that folks like Joey Porter dished out, and they really used this as a new starting point.

Since then?

At least 3 TDs per game. One loss (Colts). The offense is kicking butt all around, especially in the red zone. The defense, if only in appearance, is doing better. As a team, they are doing 'whatever it takes', game to game. I really like what I see. And I am especially proud that they used such an experience in a positive way.

Go Bengals!

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