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Playoff overview: Southpaws (9-4-0) & Cleveland Bengals (9-4-0) grab byes, leaving the following matchups for Wild Card weekend:

BeerGut Barbarians (8-4-1) vs. Brass Bengals (7-6-0) – Barbarians won 1st match-up in week 11 by the score of 89 – 71. Winner gets regular season winner SouthPaws, who lost to BOTH teams this year.

Weaponized (8-4-1) vs. RosenHOES (7-6-0) - RosenHOES smoked Weaponized in October 69 – 41. The winner gets the Cleveland Bengals, who edged the ‘hoes in September but dropped a close one to Weaponized.

As for you other players who missed out of the playoffs: Labia Minoras, Belmont Bouncers, TJ Alphabet, stewartsbengals, Pdubbish+Chad= SB, and pathetic “killing time”, better luck next year. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!

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Brass Bengals edge the BeerGut Barbarians 65-62 with 24 points from Bledsoe – Brass still has Dunn and Stallworth tonight, but won't need them. Next up: SouthPaws!.

Weaponized has been obliterated by RosenHOES 99 - 59, despite a huge game from Larry Johnson. Unless Crumpler and the Atlanta 'D' can come up with 41 points, the 'Hoes go against the Cleveland Bengals this week

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This week we replay 3 very close games:

SEMIFINAL #1 - 1. Southpaws vs. 5. Brass Bengals - BB edged the champs earlier this year 85 - 74.

SEMIFINAL #2 - 2. Cleveland Bengals vs. 6. Team RosenHOES - The Cleveland boys edged the 'HOES in a thoroughly forgettable game 56 - 52.

TOILET BOWL: 3. BeerGutBarbarians vs. 4. Weaponized - Weaponized lucked out during the regular season and managed to TIE the Barbarians 74 - 74, costing BeerGut the #1 seed - this is where BB gets ugly and rips Whip-on-eyes a new one!

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SHOWDOWN!!! Final week's action:

SUPERBOWL: Southpaws (10-4-0) vs. RosenHOES (10-6-0) - Southpaws beat up on the Brass Bengals last Brass Bengals 80 - 62, largely because BB's QB - Numbnuts Bledsoe - scored one frickin' point!!! In the other semi, the Cleveland Bengals got great games from Palmer, Rudi, and Corey and STILL LOST to the 'HOES behind Brady and Tiki (MVP) Barber 86 - 78. The 'Hoes already lost twice to Southpaws this year, so we'll see if the turd time's the charm . . . Speaking of Turd.....

TURD PLACE: Cleveland Bengals (9 - 5 - 0) beat Brass Bengals(9 - 6 - 0) twice this year . . . maybe BB will show up this time?

FIFTH -Weaponized abused the BeerGutBarbarians 58 - 47 to grab the fifth - maybe I should have started Cooley, Hasselbeck, and Burner Turner - that's about 30 frickin' points on the bench.

Good Luck to all, and to all, a good night!!!

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