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Funniest comment I've heard


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Concerned about the fact that the Bears longest TD scoring drive in the last 3 games with Kyle Orton was 8 yards, the second longest was 1 yard... implying that the Bears are winning with special teams and defense ... I saw the following comment from a Steelers fan: :blink:

"Keep their defense off the field!"

What? Just think about that for a second. Go ahead. Um ... "keep their defense off the field"? Let's see ... how might one do that? Oh, I see ... when you are on defense, just give up small chuncks of yards at a time, always allowing the opponent to convert 3rd downs. Hey, that's exactly what the Steelers do well! Hmmm ... maybe the plan will work after all! :wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko:

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The underlying humor is that the Bears have the Steelers shaking in their boots...they are not prepared for that...

The Steelers are still hung up on the Bengal game....If I was the Bears I would be running into the ketchup bottle with some confidence....

Prediction if Hines Ward scores, will he do to Super Bowl Shuffle with a Jim McMahon headband?????

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