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lol 1 lions fan has had enough!


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** Mininum bid of $2,499 required for those wanting me to be a fan for the Browns, Ravens, Cardinals or Packers. Those are the teams the Lions managed to beat this year.


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Is it me, or are these Lions fans entertaining simply because our team is no longer the laughing stock?

Be sure to check out the questions people have sent him. There are some doozies...

Q: I'm a Bills fan. They suck. I feel your pain. Wanna make out?

A: Wow, my first offer of this type. No thanks though. My wife would probably beat me worse for making out, than she did for making this auction. BID TO WIN!

Q: What condition is your fan loyalty in? I am concerned that, having been a Lions fan, it has suffered much abuse over the years and is perhaps worn out. I would not want to purchase your loyalty if it is damaged beyond repair.

A: Your concerns are legitimate, but I am a true sports fan, and have enough loyalty left to support a team with a chance!

Q: What is the fine for running naked across Paul Brown field? We will up our offer when you let us know.

A: If you knew me, this suggestion would really scare you and eveyone in attendance.

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