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Game of the Week on NFL Network


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"I need a towel, give me your towel. Can I have it? I need to shine my shoes" TJ

Housh was definitely hopped up turning the sacred Terrible Towel into a his own personal Pootie Rag :lol:

The energy from the sideline you got to see from the show was intense and the Who Dey chant ending was perfect.

"Staking Their Claim" was the name of it and it couldn't have been named better.


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There were a couple of things I noticed from the NFL Network replay of the game:

(1) Stienny was in on the field goal defense for the field goal just before the half. Don't think he's typically out there for that.

(2) Levi Jones was the 1st option when carson threw a TD pass to Reggie Kelly. Levi swung out in the flat, Carson watched him the whole way, Levi got covered by a LB and so Carson hit option #2 Reggie Kelly. Love those big heavies being the 1st option at the goal line! Has Carson ever thrown a TD to a big heavy?

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I cannot recommend this particular show more highly. It hits the coveted "save until I delete" for the Tivo. Great GREAT recap, complete with NFL Films music and cool narration. The quotes from the Bengals, especially TJ, added to the whole deal. The opening five mintues with the Heinz stadium worker pounding in nails to the turf interspersed with pregame smack was outstanding.

A couple of quick observations from that kind of access:

1. We all love to bang on the tight ends as some kind of board sport, but Reggie Kelly caved in the left side of the Steelers line on Rudi's one yard run to make it 31-24. He took two guys and made them disappear. That's why Rudi had the eight lane highway to the end zone. He is a PHEnomenal blocker. I'm just sayin'.

2. Carson's command of the offense was clear from a few of the sideline shots, where he was instructing the receivers on what he wanted to get done against certain defensive looks. I have fawned over him all over this board, but I will do so again: he is REALLY good. Barring injuries, threaten the hall of fame good. Watch and see.

3. Chris Perry's attitude as a teammate came under some question early on in his career here, but he was nothing but ecstatic for the success of the team that whole game. From appearances in watching those clips of him on the sideline, he is 100% on board with his role and thrilled to be a part of this offense. I continue to marvel about ML's foresight in now having two complementary backs like that a part of this offense.

4. Odell Thurman will be the heart and soul of this defense within two years. Finish giving him some experience to go with that natural exuberance and his tendency to emotion, and we finally have our vocal defensive leader.

5. I have given B-Simmons as hard a time as anyone, but that was a helluva game he played. Good drops on route coverage, good run support. No complaints here. None.

Great program. If you can find a copy of it, get it.

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One of the things that continue to amaze me about these types of programs is how often you hear coaches on the sideline barking instructions at players who then take that information and make game changing plays.

Old example: Remember the victory over the then undefeated Chiefs? When he wasn't featured screaming "Keep pounding them" over and over Marvin could clearly be heard pumping up Warrick on the sidelines, then discussing a play call, then predicting a TD. Warrick quickly obliges.

New example: A rather unhappy Bresnahan can be heard barking at his LB'ers about coverage responsibility against "nickle receivers". He explains the coverage to O'Dell, correcting the mistakes he had been making, and then implores him to get out there and make an interception. Like clockwork O'Dell does just that.

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In the spirit of the Bengals winning it's first divisional title in a couple of years ;) I am offering free DVD's (courtesy of Big O piracy Inc.) of the Game of the Week to anyone wanting one. Even if you saw the game, this is truly a treasure and perhaps the best possible activity during family gatherings on Christ's birthday(He would be proud).

All you need to do is PM me your name and address and I'll send these out next week (first 50 only).


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