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Is it a sport or just a "circus side show" ?  

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  1. 1. Is it a sport or just a "circus side show" ?

    • Of course it's a sport, with the worlds best athletes!
    • Compared to the NCAA, it's "Basketball Lite" with just a hint of felony!
    • It's now but a hollow shell of what Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Pete Maverick, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Bill Walton, Dr. J, Kareem Abdul Jabbar,Charles Barkley, and most of all Micheal Jordan envisioned.

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I think the NBA is a lost profession. The fact that they have the toughest drug penalties of any professional sport is only micro-cosomed by the fact that it has the least amount of credibility when it comes to developing it's talent.

The NBA is no longer interested in taking young men,who play basketball, rather basketball players that will never be anything more than young men. They introduce their sport now, as a Hip-Hop profession, instead of an athletic profession. David Stern is the one to blame ,simply for the fact that the NBA doesn't even offer a "rookie -symposium" like the NFL. Which relates to why so many of them are not prepared for life after their profession is over.The owners leave that up the players agents,or the players themselves.A responsibility often to great to put on an 20 year olds' shoulders.

The NBA is no longer interested in turning it's players into athletic role models; Only interested in filling seats and selling tickets. The NBA has marketed the Dunk , and not the jump shot. Most people in today's game would be shocked to see a film of Wilt Chamberlain. They've only heard about his size in reference to what Shaq' does for the lakers now.They don't know that more than 60 % of the shots that Wilt' took were jumpers, and not dunks.

The NBA is only interested in selling one or 2 players on each respective team, rather than the team.

The NBA is no longer a team game.Thus it can no longer be considered Sport. It's athletic entertainment, and should be put on cable.

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