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can you be a little more specifc?

I have not read anything or heard anything to this effect.

I can only assume that Dillon is miffed about not getting enough carries but when your line give you nothing and then face passing to play catch-up what can he expect?

Dillon is alot more patient than people give him credit for. He hasn't left the Bengals yet and has still benn considered a premier back in the league. Lewis has maintained that Dillon is a center-piece on the club. He played CD a VERY limited amount in pre-season (SMART). CD is a winner, Lewis is a winner. I gotta believe that he is right there with Lewis in getting this team pointed in the right direction.

Bengals - 17



ps, here in california, all my neighbors are Raider fans. Ugh! While I root for Jerry Rice (Mr. Fountain of Youth) the Raiders are in for a long season....5-11 take it to the bank.

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I also have herd nothing to that affect

preseason a few rumors were going around abought it but marvin lewis puts those to rest saying "CD is our workhorse" and they both want to win at any cost....so its probley just another rumor surfacing because of last weeks game

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have read the article.....not sold on it.....at times .. we all say the right things for the moment....i believe lewis is trying to lead (help) dillon to the right supportive direction...... heard he truely would like to be elsewhere...aka ...spikes........hey guys...i belive there is a very live undercurrent.....and please don't get upset w/ me.....i have corey on my fantasty teamS.....but ...exactly.... well....to rebuild...within another 2 years....is corey truley the running back of that team?

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